Using a recipe that calls for a different hydration starter...


I have a very happy starter, which I keep at a fairly low hydration and use more-or-less daily for my go-to recipe.  No problem there.

But I'd like to try another recipe which calls for a 100% starter, I'd rather not maintain a second higher hydration starter or lose my existing starter... but is there a way I can quickly come up with something to use in this recipe...?

Thank you in advance for your help - I can't tell you how much help this site has been to me already!


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DavidMannafromDevon 2010 August 20



in the first instance I'd make the recipe with your starter as it is but upping the additional liquid to compensate for your drier starter.  I haven't got room to keep different starters at different hydrations either so one size must fit all.


best of luck



rossnroller 2010 August 20

Just take a small portion of your current starter and feed it with equal quantities per weight of flour and water. Next feed, double your quantities and keep doing this until you have the quantity required for your recipe. Hey presto - you have a 100% starter!

You can convert your kept starter to any hydration you want in this way.

OR, as David suggests, adjust your recipe and use your current starter.

I've done both, and I suspect that the bread you end up with is slightly different if you adjust the recipe rather than the starter...but not very significantly so.


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