SourdoughBaker Cafe

SourdoughBaker Cafe is Warwick Quinton's latest bakery and cafe, situated in the heart (or slightly west of it, actually) of Newcastle NSW.

This is a cooperatively run bakery, centred around its woodfired oven, named Bertha. The sourdough bread, sourdough pizza, Danish pastries, savouries and cafe food are all produced in or on the oven.

You can find more information about the bakery by visiting our Facebook page at

Or, you can drop in to taste our wares at 774 Hunter Street, Newcastle West.

02 4940 0055
774 Hunter Street
Newcastle NSW
Artisan Baker Association Standards: 
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Toni Gorman 2016 February 2

Hi Warrick, 

i attended one of your 101 workshops either about this time last year or the one before. 

Mt rye starter has been neglected as I moved house twice in 3 months and life became hectic. It has a bubbly crust of Mould almost a cm deep on top. There was some there when I used it about 2 weeks ago. I thought I'd taken it all off and fed it again but now it's worse. 

Can you please advise. 


Toni                                        0421110709 or [email protected]

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