Very Dark Loaf

Tom Hoffman

Just cooked my 3rd loaf of sourdough bread this morning.  It came out very dark.  Almost burned.  30 minutes at 500 and 15 minutes at 425.  I cooked it in a cast iron dutch oven in my gas oven.  30 minute pre heat.  The bottom is almost charcoal black.  I use an oven thermometer so my temps are accurate.  I got good rise and a nice looking loaf, just too dark.  Is there anything obvious that I am doing wrong.



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farinam 2017 June 26

Hi Tom,

My first move would be to reduce the temperature.  I start at around 270C (near enough to 500F) but I reduce the temp progressively (starting as soon as the loaf has gone in) through a 40 minute bake to finish at 180C ( about 360F).  This sort of simulates the falling temperature that you would see in a wood-fired oven.

Hope this helps and good luck with your projects.


Tom Hoffman 2017 June 26

Sounds like good advice,  I have been doing some reading on other sites and almost nowhere else does it specify 500 as a start temp.  Most are around 425-450 so I had pretty much decided to do that as well, I will incorporate your falling temp idea gradually.  


Tom Hoffman 2017 June 27

Just made my 4th loaf.  Success.  Not perfect but not bad.  400 for 20 min, uncover 20 min more at 350 done in a cast iron dutch  oven.  I went to bake it at 10:30 am, and ,my oven would not work,  called service.  They came at 3:00 PM.  By this time the bread had been rising for 4.5 hours, figured it would be a disaster.  After the tech left I figured what the heck so I went for it.  Just took it out  looks nice and GBND.  Probably just be one big hole in the center.  Will post a pic if it's worth it.



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