Using mixer with dough hook to make sourdough


I just received a new mixer with all the attachments , am planning on using this to make sourdough . Does anyone have any experience in using a dough hook and have any advice to share .

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Bonlou 2019 January 3

I'm new to sourdough bread also, I used a Bosch mixer, mixing enough for two loaves in it.  It rose pretty good in the loaf pan but when I cut the top it deflated.  It tasted great though.


Bonlou 2019 January 3

Also, I was reading about hydration, how to calculate that.  I just added the amounts listed in recipes it didnt mention hydration.


Fiddlerkelly 2019 January 3
Bonlou what recipe are you using just for curiosity and the type of flour you are using just to see how it compares to what I am using.

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