Turkish simit, sourdough version

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<p>Turkish simit, sourdough version</p>
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GFNLoafer 2020 August 22

Here is a recipe that I have adapted to sourdough. The original recipe used Oat milk, but as I had kefir to spare, I went with that.

SIMIT - Turkish bagels

(not truly a bagel, or course, as the are not boiled, but they do have that chewy kind of texture)


EITHER 150 warm water for yeast version, or 55g if using sourdough starter

EITHER 5g yeast or use 160g sourdough starter

230ml kefir. (Actually, the recipe I adapted used Oat Milk, so any milk probably ok - however I haven’t experimented myself beyond the kefir)

50g Oil

1 Tbs Sugar

EITHER 600g bread flour for yeasted version, 520g if using sourdough starter.

1 tsp salt



Rest until doubled in size


Prepare a molasses and water glaze (I used pomegranate molasses as per the recipe, but any type will be fine. I have read that grape molasses is also traditional).


Divide into 4 and shape into balls. I also found it works out to around 6 balls by 170g for smaller size.

Divide each ball in 2 and roll out 30cm long

Twist 2 pieces together and then make a ring.

Flatten one end and join together by enveloping the round end with the flattened end and pinching around to seal.


Prepare oven at 200c


Brush one side with molasses and water glaze.

Dip in sesame seeds or seed mix. Brush other side and turn over in seed mix.


Place on lined baking tray.


Bake at 200c for 30 minutes

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