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Hi I'm new to this.  I just tried to make my first starter.

i used equal measures (1/2 cup) of filtered water and strong white flour.

End of first day.  Possibly a little activity, no discernible odour. I discarded half the mixture and added 1/2 cup each of water and flour.  Stired well.

End of second day, wow.  Very active, more that doubled in size, but the smell was horrible.  Best described as acidic vomit.  Discarded half, added more flour and water.

From what I have read I was not expecting such activity so early one.  Combined with the smell I wonder if I've done something wrong and should scrap it and start again.

id be interested to hear your thoughts



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Tom Hoffman 2017 June 25

I am new to this too.  I use a method that I found on another site.  I use cooked potato water, white bread flour and a bit of honey.  The yeast needs ome sugar to eat.  You can also use an envelope of bakers rapid rise yeast to kick everything off.  I just keep adding a TBS of water and flour 2-3 times per day to kieep fermentation going and active.  If the volume of starter is getting to big pour some in a bowl along with egg, oil and bread flour and let it sit a bit and make some great sourdough pancakes.

Light_Work 2017 June 27

I make starter with organic grape skins.  About a Tbs of skins wit 1 C flour and 1 C water.  Three days on the counter with no feedings  (unless ya really want to) and the starter is ready to divide, feed and bake.

Shmortz 2017 June 29

Thanks for the tips.  I ended up ditching the nasty mess and starting again.  The new starter is maturing nicely and has already accounted for some delicious bagels and pizza bases.  I wonder if the nasty mess had contracted the same bacteria that my kids bought back from school in the form of a cold.  The whole family was sniffling and hacking that week.  

Shmortz 2017 June 30

After a bad start things are turning out quite well.  The new starter added a loaf of bread to its accomplishments.  

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