sourdough/yeast hybrid doughnuts


Hey guys!

Ive been making a whole range of different doughnuts in the kitchen over the past few weeks i.e cake, yeast raised and brioche style doughnuts. But theres one last doughnut mission I have to conquer before i can put away the fryer for a while. The last on my to do list is a sourdough/yeast hybrid doughnut, is there anyone with any knowledge on how i would go about making this dream a reality ?

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Emma 2017 February 25

Hi Jammdonuts,

Does it have to be a hybrid doughnut? I was just looking yesterday at a blog post by about making sourdough doughnuts....sourdoughnuts?.... They looked great and was thinking of giving them a go myself. Maybe you could add a smidge of yeast to speed things up? 

Good luck.


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