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hello, i'm laura and i am brand new to the world of sourdough! i just started my starter right after christmas. pictured is my 3rd attempt. it's decent but i decided my starter wasn't quite ready yet and after being confused with all the info i was reading found this site and i've started feeding my starter based on the directions here and after just 3 days my starter finally smells and looks right. i just fed it and instead of composting the throw away part, i'm making sourdough pancakes. they're amazingly light and fluffy. and no waste, win win!! looking forward to learning more.

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Kitty 2017 January 10

Hi Laura,

That's a pretty loaf of bread. I just found this site, too. I made my starter a couple weeks before Christmas seven years ago. I love it so much ー it's like a pet!

If you like oatmeal pancakes, you might want to try what I do. I mix my starter with milk and some rolled oats before bed and let it ferment overnight. Much of the oats get consumed and you're left with small oat bits in a thick, yogurt-like batter. In the morning I add the egg, some sugar, salt, oil or butter, and a tablespoons or so of milk with dissolved baking soda. So delicious! 

Have fun with the bread baking! I never get tired of it!


Light_Work 2017 January 11

I keep my starter in the fridge and only feed it once every week.  Also I dry some out on wax paper and keep it frozen for emergencies. The wet starter I keep in less than 2 cup batches.  I take out 1/2 to use and refresh the rest when I bake.  All that extra production and throwing away is a commercial process for those who need lots of it.


Also you can just pich a ball of dough for the next batch.  I'll dissolve it in 2 cups of water and mix in 2 cups of flour.  In about 8 hours you'll have really lively starter that will rise a loaf in less than 2 hours.



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