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I pulled out my sourdough starter from the refrigerator this morning, after not using it for a few months.  Is it spoiled and should I throw it out?

Thank you for any advice.


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farinam 2016 June 18

Hello AK777,

That looks a bit hairy to me. You could do an excavation and try to get some from deeper in the container to use to inoculate some fresh flour and water.  Use a different spoon to get your inoculation sample to try to avoid contamination with the mold.  You might be lucky and get going inside a couple of feeds.  You would run the risk that there would still be mold spores present and you might be no better off. 

If you did try this approach, I would also start out on a new starter from scratch (have a read of the Beginners Blogs here if you need a refresher) and you will then be part way along the track if the revival trial did not work out.

Good luck with your projects.


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