Slap and fold fiasco?


!st attempt at slap/fold. 100% whole grain kamut at 80% hydration. Long autolysis, about 3 hours. I added the starter, folded it in, and commence to s&l.  For a moment, after about 7 or 8 minutes it seemed like it was maybe starting to come together but nooooooo; it just kept getting gradually more and more sticky and not any more extensible or elastic. Finally after about 15 minutes, gave up and glopped it into my bulk ferment container. I'm sure it will taste fine but....

Any ideas what this would happen?

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GeoffreyLevens 2016 November 8

Forgot to mention dough is so slack it is about honey or a bit thicker. No way this could make a free standing loaf. It will have to go in a confined space to not just be a flat bread.

GeoffreyLevens 2016 November 9

Not bad esp considering the challenge I had handling the dough. Best/most oven spring by far of any I have made so far. Taste is quite good; I love Kamut.

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