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I have prepared the dough for my first attempt at a tartine loaf and have mistakenly used self-raising flour in the sponge and the dough......should I bin it and start again or will it turn out ok? don't want to waste my time stretching and preparing over the next few hours then baking for it not to turn out right.  Please advise, thanks


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farinam 2016 August 15

Hi Jacqui,

I'm guessing that you have gone one way or another by this but I would have thought that you might just get a 'super' rise when you baked it.  Let us know how it went.

Good luck with your projects.


janisem 2016 August 17

Hi Farinam

Thenk you for your reply.  I forged ahead and was really pleased with the result, amazed at the difference in texture and flavour (nice and sour and chewy) and will definitely give it another go and spend more time shaping, the dough was quite wet and trickier to handle but was worth it although the loaves didnt rise as much as my normal sourdough loaf which I bake on the stone rather than in the Dutch oven.  I only used wholemeal self-raising flour, the white was plain, and I would continue with this formula next time as the results were  good.  The recipe made two loaves which made the time and effort spent worthwhile as it was quite a labour intensive process........will post some pictures next time


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