Looking for a artisan freelancer.

Alex Dubovoy
Hello! Does anyone know if there are artisan bread bakers freelancers or so-to-say missioners who can come to Russia to teach bakers from there how to bake artisan SF style bread? If someone knows where I can find any piece of info, please let me know... Thanks a lot, anyway)
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Alex Dubovoy 2016 September 19

Yeah, sure!

We need to know how to from scratch!

1.Starter creating, feeding, etc.

2.Making artisan sourdough loafs SF style

3.Shaping tequniques.


Approximate time 4 days(? dunno) 

Why wouldn't we disscus it more deepend via e-mail.

Leave a contact here...

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de broodsmid 2019 May 16

hi , 

are you still loolking for someone teaching bakery staff how to do sourdough ?



stefan vandaele

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