I made my first sourdough starter. Should I be concerned about foodborne pathogens like Clostridium Botulinum or Clostridium Perfringens?

Greetings everyone, I'm new here I began a sourdough starter, but I used a piece of banana peel as my source of wild yeast. Its usually my go to for spontaneous fermentation. I dropped it in my mixture of flour/cream of wheat, water and a tiny bit of honey to wake things up and in about 10-12 hours foam began to form. Now its quite active. It has a slight parmesan cheese funk to it with no real sour smell, nor alcohol or ethyl acetate. Should I be worried that I'm growing foodborne pathogens with the wild yeast? I added three capfuls of cider vinegar and lemon juice trying to lower the ph to encourage lactobacillus growth and kill off potential bad actors. Any and all advice is greatly appreciated. ✌️
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SourdoughNoob456 2020 September 2
Update: The vinegar killed the starter so I dumped it. I have a separate experiment on the side so no real loss. I didn't trust this starter anyway. Just for education purposes, cultured sour cream seems to have active bacteria still in it, more than likely Lactococcus Lactis. Just food for thought if anyone wants to add to their Loctobaccilus diversity. I'm getting a nice buttery scent. I used the whey and about half a teaspoon of Fage sour cream in a 2 quart starter. Lots of activity.
bomberns127 2020 September 28

hi, why not just use bread flour and bottled water for a starter? it will pick up wild yeast in the air, i cover the starter i use during the week with kitchen tissue held on with an elastic band so it can breathe, my main starter is in a kilner jar with the rubber ring removed in fridge and is feed once a week, made my starter at beginning of lockdown in the uk, been going strong ever since, even gave some away and it lives on in other peoples baking, dehydrated some as a just in case back up.

i only ever use bottled water for the starter(feeding and bring on), it seems to prefer it, i use tap water when making a bread mix.


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