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Hi all, Its my first post here, so hi everyone. I started baking Sourdough loaves about 2 months ago and I had some really good successes using Allinson's strong white bread flour. However due to covid I can no longer get that and have switched to strong white flour from the local butcher. Recently tried 2 white Sourdough loaves and both have been unbelievably too wet. I never had this problem before and the only thing that has changed is the flour. Would I be right in assuming this flour can take much less water and is making my dough too hydrated? I gave it a good slap and fold and had a really nice ball to go into its bulk ferment. During this process it became wetter, and by the time shaping came it was a blob. Stuck it in a floured tea towel regardless, and it proved nicely in there. However it got stuck to the tes Towel and upon turning out it ripped and degassed. There was a lovely gluten structure inside however so I don't think collapsing gluten was the issue, more the hydration. Any help would be massively appreciated, as I had some real successes and these 2 failures have got me rather down about my baking. Thanks, Zac
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