Flat bread


Hi, this is my whole wheat bread, why is so flat it seams proofed. I use combisteam oven for baking.

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lpenzey 2020 April 24

couple of things that could help:

1. Increase the amount of white flour - using 100% whole wheat flour is really difficult to get right. 

2. Shaping is reall crucial for oven spring. Getting a nice taught outer layer before your final fermentation period is key to getting a tall loaf - this is also affected by using 100% whole wheat. Tension comes from developing the gluten strands, which is easier with more ap/bread flour in the mix. 

3. Autolyse the dough before you mix in the leaven if you're not already doing so - this will make the dough more extensible and easier to shape. 

Brian weetman 2020 April 24

Does the alcohol in a beer based starter boil off when the bread is cooked


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