Feeling deflated about oven spring


I've been making sourdough for several years, mixed resiults of course but that is the nature of learning. 

What I feel I have never improved consistently is oven spring. Sometimes I get a 60% rise, other times barely any. As well -- if this is relaterd -- I never get a sharp, crisp scoring. My razor blade always snags. 

While I am always makikng adjustments, here is my basic process:

1. 50/50 whole wheat/bread flour (King Arthur) levain, 100% hydration. Wait until it is foamty and active, usually double in size. 

2. Autolyse for at least an hour. 15% whole wheat.

3. 2% salt. 

4. Stretch and fold several times over first 30 minutes, again every 15 minutes or so over next hour. More later until i get a good window pane. 

5.  Bulk ferment at ambient temp until 50-75% rise and gas bubbles appear. 

6. Traditiomnal folding and bench rolling to get good surface tension. Place in banneton and into fridge overnight. 

7. Oven pre-heated to 500 degrees. (I currently use a Lodge combo cooker, but have also used a dutch oven, with no apparent difference other than Lodge gives better color when top is removed). I usuaklly spritz the inside top of the Lodge to increase steam. Cook covered for 20 minutes or so, another 25 minutes at lower temp.

You can see from the picture that there is not much oven spring. As well, the scoring marks are not very deep (I envy some pics from others where it looks like the dough practically exploded out of the scoring areas!). If the issue is the depth of the scoring, I'm at a loss. I have done the scoring fast and sllow, with a dry blade, floured blade, watered blade, even oiled blade. 

What am I missng?






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