Dough too sticky or slack to shape

Hi bakers! I started baking sourdough a couple months ago and although I am relatively pleased with my current results, I'm having a lot of trouble shaping my dough because it is too sticky or slack. My starter is happy and healthy, the air temperature doesn't go above 72, and is typically a bit cooler (my bulk fermentation usually lasts between 8-12 hours at around 60-65 degrees), I'm using the Tartine sourdough recipe (weighing my ingredients and checking water temps) and my dough consistently rises nicely. The bread is also coming out nicely with lots of holes, a light crumb, nice crust, and mild sour flavor. But when I go to shape the loaves, it's a total failure. I've tried adding a bit of flour or oil, but neither has worked. When I finally manage to get my blob into the Dutch oven it just falls flat. Scoring is practically useless because the dough just collapses into itself. So I must be doing something wrong, I just don't know what! Please help!
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