Baking sourdough at high altitude

Going to visit family in Colorado. Going to be at 8500' I'm bringing some of my starter in hopes of baking some bread. Any thing I should do different?
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Brewcat 2018 April 21
Well I can't baked yet just building up my starter I brought. Took off fermentation quickly not sure if it's the altitude or the fact that I used regular flour instead of rye which is what I generally use. I noticed a more floury smell. Got to get some rye. Bigger bubbles for sure
jeremyl 2018 April 22

I lived at 1700m (about 5500 feet) for a few months. The only thing I really noticed is that when I went up there my levain/starter was bursting out of its container and when I moved back to sea level it all collapsed in. No problems at all with refreshing it. The bread I made up there was different, the main difference being the crusts didn't brown as much. I put it down to the oven I was using. I don't think the altitude really had much of an impact on my baking.

Brewcat 2018 April 29
I've made a few breads up here and SD English muffins and SD pancakes no problems. Actually they rise quick

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