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Hello! I am new to making sour dough and was given this starter - see picture. It has been in the fridge a couple of days. It had liquid around it which I have poured away. It doesn’t look anything like any starter I have seen on line. It is slippery and rubbery and I don’t think I could separate part of it without using a knife. Would value any thoughts on whether it’s viable or whether I should chuck it out! Thanks v much! Katherine 

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[email protected] 2019 March 16

I’ve never seen a sourdough starter like that either, but it does look a lot like a kombucha starter! Does it smell like vinegar? Can you ask the person who gifted it to you? Kombucha is easy enough to make, but it sure isn’t a loaf of bread.


If it is a kombucha mother, I’m not sure if there’s any way to use it for sourdough bread, you could put just a little bit into a small test batch of flour/water and see what happens after feeding it for a few days, it might help along the process of building a starter from scratch. If the person who gave it to you uses it for bread, maybe they’ll have some tips! 

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