People's Bakery


We are an Organic Whole Spelt Bakery presently located in Warwick Massachusetts.

We sell whole sale to the local co-ops and health food stores in the area.

We do mail order if interested.

-Four seed

-Honey oat

-Common (the base dough for all other verities)

-Raisin cinnamon 

-Sandwich rolls

We will be adding to the line quick breads,cookies and granola along with artisan sough-dough hearth breads.

                            Email= [email protected]

                            Phone= 413-824-1909





24 Athol Rd. 01378
Warwick, MA
United States
Artisan Baker Association Standards: 
ABA ProductABA Standard
Whole Spelt
ART 30 - Organic Yeast Bread Wholemeal OR Unbleached White
Whole Spelt
ART 21 - Sourdough Wholemeal OR Unbleached White
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