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Hi there,
I love your bread but will somebody please, PLEASE make great bread WITHOUT soy flour in it!

Recently whilst purchasing bread at a deli in Eastland shopping centre (Melb. Vic.), I had the pleasure of meeting two other folk who also cannot eat soy flour. I though I was a freak but have found not only other people with a similar problem - soy flour makes you feel like "throwing up"; but at a local market I came across a botique baker (with rather tough bread) who was happy to tell me all the evils of soy flour. Why can't we get good European style bread here? One or two come close to it and "Edward's" is lovely and well priced, just chuck out the soy flour and I can stop "chucking".

PS By the way, just to be a real pain, I also object to honey and linseed.
Happy baking, Carol.

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chembake 2006 February 25

Hi Carol
If you are used to buying commercial bread its difficult to avoid soy flour as that is also a component of their bread improvers as filler.

Therefore your best bet is those making sourdough loaves...
Unless they are making specialty bread with soy in it

Anonymous 2006 February 28

if you know an organk-bakery, usuall you can find there what you want.
Ofcourse its expensive but for health to spend some more money shouldent be a reason to buy it.

(going to be a Masterbaker/Germany)

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