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i'm quite new to Melbourne.
It's been quite hard for me to find for rye flour and other types of non-wheat flour , including bread flour (11% +).
I live in Carlton.

Can anyone help me locate these flours?

Thanks a million!

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Anonymous 2006 February 22

I've just found rye flour, from Queen Victoria Market, Melb. However, the vendor only seems to have the medium ground / wholemeal variety. No white or pumpernickel style. I have to ask him some other time. $2.70 a kilo.
There's also white spelt flour and wholemeal spelt flour in the market. But it's kinda pricy, at $6.75 a kilo, if i remember well.

FlourGirl 2006 February 16

Hi timtune,

I live in Sydney, so I can't help directly with your problem. I am always on the hunt for rye flour!
Recently I learnt from the health shop where I usually get mine (www.govita.com.au) that there is a shortage of rye flour in Australia at the moment and it has to be imported (from Bulgaria, I think he said). That's the first time this has happened. I am not sure, that this is true, but it would explain, why it is so hard to find ...
The bigger Coles supermarkets used to stock it too (in the health section, not with the normal flours). But I havn't seen it for a while.

Good luck on your search! -FlourGirl

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