Work with Wholegrain bread.


Resently I've been trying to work with wholegrain breads and a long fermentation. This loaf was baked this morning. 100% Wholegrain Ølandswheat fermentet for 55hrs.




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lenohbabe 2012 February 18

Whoa !!!!   What a loaf, are you "The Perfect Loaf" man ? 

you said " fermented for 55hrs." did you really ferment the loaf for over two days ? was this in the fridge ?


I am amazed at your beautiful bread, could you post some of your recipes.  I applaud your talent and skill.



Kjqolhede 2012 February 18

 Hey Linda,

Thank you so much, I'm really humbled by your kind comments. 

I've seen some of your loaves and I envy you... But your own bread will never be as good as some elses, if you know what i mean :)


Actually I only meant to ferment it for 30hrs, but I had to take a shift at work and I didn't get to bake it before the next day. I ferment my loafs in the fridge (2'C). 

The two recipies i use the most often are:

1000g wholemeal flour

200g stiff levain

20g salt

750g water (cold)


100g wholemeal rye flour

400g wholemealspelt

500g stoneground all purpose wheat flour

20g salt

200g stiff levain

750g water.


I always feel the dough to ajust how much water to use.


Kind regards Mikkel


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lenohbabe 2012 February 18

Hi Mikkel,

Thank you for being kind about my bread however its like comparing my Skoda to your BMW!!!!  

I am definitely going to try your recipe with as near to your ingredients that i can find in the supermarket.

Your stiff levain, could you expand on that and give measurements  and mixtures please ?

In your expert experience could you explain what gives you the large holes in the sourdough.

Thanks for showing us such wonderful bread its something we can look to aim for. Everyone want to get a BMW



Kjqolhede 2012 February 24


I've got a mother sourdough I feed with stoneground wheatflour. about 8-12hrs before I mix my dough I make a stiff starter with a little of the mother and about 150g wholewheat spelt and 50g rye. Then i proceed as normal.. To be honest i'm not to exact with my measurements and ingredients for my mother. I usually use whatever flour I've got laying around :)  


For the holes I would get the best flour you kan get a hold of! other ythan that I just try to be really gentle but firm with the dough, and letting i Proof poberly before it goes in the oven.

Hope it helps



PiPs 2012 February 21

Hi Mikkel,

This has to be one of the lovliest looking wholegrains breads I have seen in long time.

Are you bulk fermenting the dough in the fridge or retarding the shaped loaves?

Thanks for posting





Kjqolhede 2012 February 23

 Hey Phil,

Thank you for your kind comment.

After autolyse and kneading, I let the dough stand out for about an our just to get the sourdough started up.

after that i put it in a container that goes in the fridge. After the bulk I turn the dough out on a table and let it come up to temp. Then I preshape, shape and final proof. 




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