What I've learned


Or think I've learned...

First lets start off with a huge "Thank you" to every one here.

1.  Autolayze for 30 to 45 minutes = good

2.  Mechanical mixing not really necessary or good after #1

3. Stretch and fold is easy and does a good job

4. Feed your starter twice a day and it will always be a happy starter

5. A good lame (I use a utility knife that has a 6 inch retractable blade) will make scoring so much easier

6. Don't pour cold water on your hot pizza stone when adding steam while baking...  (have new pizza stone now)

Ok, this is the most important one of all...

7. Get a decent scale!


All the problems I was having and all the different results from the same formula can all be traced back to a scale that was probably +/- 150 grams off the true weight of what I was trying to do.  Now that I have a good (not expensive) scale my results are starting to be more consistent.  This will help as I really start to try new formulas.

This was Thanksgivings Day's Loaf.  Looks like one side of my oven is warmer than the other, I'll have to turn my loaves while baking to get even spring (I think)  I have been using the Norwich Rye formula, but like white breads more than the darker ones so I've substituted 120 grams of white flour for the rye call for in the formula.  Nice tasting results.

Same formula as was used above, but pre-decent scale.  Also used the rye flour.  Still they tasted pretty good, just not as open a crumb or chewy crust as above.

Maybe this one should be #8. Pay attention to what your doing!  These were supposed to be two Norwich loafs and some ciabatta rolls.  I think I got Norwich rolls and Ciabatta Loafs instead.  Still they didn't hang around the kitchen for long.  :)

One thing I've noticed is that there doesn't seem to be much of a difference in the results when using bread flour vs GP flour.  I see everyone talking about different flours, and would assume there would be a difference in the results, but I have yet to see any...


Anyway, thanks again!  :)


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