Warm Proofing Protocol???


How do our members bulk ferment with proofing boxes (28-29C)?  I recently started using one, and I'd like a concensus of opinions.  

Specifically...how long before punching it down, how long total, what temp do you use, what percent starter do you use...anything else you may feel is important...?   Thanks in advance.


Usually I let the dough sit on a 70F counter for 4 hrs, then to a 50F garage for 10-12hrs, then back on the counter for another 4 hrs to shape then bake.

Since writing this, I've let a loaf sit at 83F for 10 hrs.  It rose, fell, and baked up into a dense brick with a very nice tart taste (that I'm trying to cultivate).  Then I let another sit for 4 hrs at 83F (enough to double) and baked it.  It had a very nice crumb, but little in the way of taste.  Looks I may have to proof at a lower temp for some time and see what happens.

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GreenSpyder 2011 March 29

Wow!!! No replies to how we proof in warm proofing boxes?  Don"t we use proofing boxes?  We don't want to share our experiences?  We don't know?  What gives?  I thought this post would bring far more replies.

Merrid 2011 March 31

I don't use a proofing box - I put the sponge stages in a cooler bag to stablise the temperature, and bulk ferment on the kitchen bench. Not too cold yet, so don't need a proofing box.

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LeadDog 2011 March 30

 Spyder I don't use a proofing box.  I like the cooler times of the year as it lets the fermentations slow way down and makes for more flavor.  I have an idea that I'm going to use my incubator for a proofing box later this year.

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