I don't like receiving emails from here. I tried unsubscribing from EVERYTHING, but I still receive multiple emails a day that I just delete. How do I stop the emails from here?

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LeadDog 2010 November 11

 I don't get any.  I think there is a setting in the link called "My account" that lets you turn it off.

Dorean 2010 November 11

I went into the "my account" page and unchecked everything, and I just found six or seven emails. It's really cluttering my inbox. I'm getting email everytime something is posted, even if it's not a thread I've commented in. So frustrating!

AnneTanne 2010 November 12

On the bottom of each mail, you find a link to a 'manage subscriptions' page.

There you should go - not to the tab 'subscriptions' but to the tab 'content type', and then uncheck those you don't want emails about;, AND THEN CLICK 'SAVE'.

Stossil 2010 November 13


I have had the same problem! Enjoy the site when I first came, but have loathed it since, being spammed by 10 emails a day since then! I've unsubscribed all but one in the content section, so hopefully this will help! So thank-you AnneTanne!



I have remained subscribed to recipes... interestingly although I selected updates once weekly, when I save, it says As Soon As Possible every time. Any suggestions?


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Maedi 2011 October 21

My apologies guys, we are working on a better unsubscribe system at the moment. Until then please follow these instructions to unsubscribe:
- Log in

- Click the "account" button in the top right of the page

- Click the "scubscriptions" button at the top right of this page

- Then click the 'Content Types' link

- Uncheck the master switch at the top left of the table

- Click "save" at the bottom of the page


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