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Unbleached undyed linen


Does anyone know where to source unbleached and undyed linen in Perth, Australia or alternatively a reasonably priced mail order to line my proofing baskets? I've tried all the obvious places, eg spotlight, textile traders etc but to no avail. 


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rossnroller 2010 February 15

  Hi Alwin

Know the problem. Like you, I'm in Perth and have also been on the hunt...and also in vain. There probably is some place that has what we're after, but I've run out of ideas on this one. Even tried Bunnings and a couple of camping stores. 

If you turn something up, pls return to this thread and let me know where. I'll do the same.

In the meantime, I'm coping quite happily with a teatowel or baking paper bordered by bricks (or pieces of wood for smaller loaves, or for forming ridges between loaves, with a teatowel draped over).

Then there's this possibility, although it's a relatively expensive doubt a teatowel would be fine as a covering. It's also available in Australia (in Melbourne, at least). See this thread.


alwin 2010 February 16

Thanks Ross,

Here's a few (non)options I've come up with:

- $40 inc postage for a ~1.5m piece

- $60 exc postage for a 1.5m piece

- $39 inc postage for a 1m piece


but surely a 1m piece of linen shouldn't set you back more than a few dollars, $10 max? So far tea towels are looking like the better and cheapest option...


On an aside, where do you prefer to buy your bulk organic flour from in Perth?  I tend to switch between Angry Almond and Kakula Sisters but would like to try a few different places.





rossnroller 2010 February 17

Yes, indeed you wouldn't think a small piece of linen should set you back more than a few bucks...I think I'm content to stick with what I'm doing now. 

I buy my organic flours from Organic-On-Charles (Charles St, N Perth). They have VERY good quality local organic flour (brand is Eden Valley; it comes in bulk and you take as much or little as you want from dispensers). I haven't tried the ones you go to, though. Probably just as good.


sourfish 2010 February 17

 IKEA sell unbleached, un-dyed natural linen (from the ukraine); I've bought it from there a few times and all the baskets in my bakery are lined with it - I think it cost around $12 / m. If you can't buy it from them, you can certainly buy some linen curtains from them which are made of the same material and give you around 8m of fabric.


If you still can't find linen, calico works equally well - you just have to make sure it is well seasoned and remains dry.



rossnroller 2010 February 23

Didn't think of checking out Ikea (their new Innaloo store is a fearsome labyrinth that I struggled to escape from on the one occasion I entered it...will have to gather up courage to try it again, this time with a ball of string a la the minotaur story).


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