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hello all


I am a homebaker and love baking. My purpose is to start baking some sourdoughs, as soon as I read few articles on the subject.
Although I have baked lots of loaves in my conventional oven I went through few bags of commercial flour about 6x25kg before making my first post here

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TeckPoh 2007 August 20

Welcome, pan! I did a double-take when I saw your profile name as I've a friend from another forum with the same name, but he's from New York City. LOL, lots of breads you've baked there. Do share some pix when you can.

pan 2007 August 20

Thank you TeckPoh for your kind comments I also have many good friends in Malaysia and I'll be happy to count you as one of them.
Yes, pan is just the a word for bread in Spanish or Portuguese, Japanese also I guess.
Well bread making is my hobby and so is cooking and I love to make breads from all over the world as I have good facility and I am fluent in other languages other than English together with my upbringing sometimes it is easy to get recipes in the original languages.

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