Bread with dark beer and spelt


I'm on vacation but the weather in Denmark is not very summery - rain, rain and more rain. At least it's an excuse to stay inside and bake.
This is a bread I baked today, it has been proving in the fridge overnight. The color comes from dark beer (stout), and there's also some wholemeal spelt in it.
I had a slice with some mild goat's cheese - just yummy!
Anybody else baking?

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Normbake 2007 July 14

Hi Nina that loaf looks really nice, I'll bet it is yummy with the cheese. I've also been using wholemeal spelt in a loaf I made the other day I've been getting good oven spring also.
It's a bit cool down here in Brisbane the room temp today was 19c during the night its been really cold using electric blanket on bed.
Good idea about the dark beer going to give it a go.

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TeckPoh 2007 July 14

Great bread, Nina!

For some reason, the gallery refuse to let me upload my pix successfully. But I've been baking. Day before yesterday, a very soft and flavourful loaf made from malthouse flour (erm...imported from the UK) and today, it's 11 pm and I've just stopped baking. I made 2 batches of chocolate mixed nuts (pistachio, pecans, walnuts) biscotti, 2 batches of Dan's cheese sticks, and a pithivier. I need to bake a caramel apple cake but am too exhausted. Will do that in the morning. All these, with the exception of the pithivier, are refreshment for a church workshop tomorrow.

Happy holiday!

nina 2007 July 14

Shame about the gallery TP, I would have loved to drool over those. Bet there'll be no leftovers from that church workshop...

@Normbake: It hasn't even been 19C in the daytime the past few weeks here.! Coldest and wettest summer I can remember - even for Denmark. Today the weather is nice though, so we're planning a bbq tonight... hope it won't start to rain again.

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TeckPoh 2007 July 16

Hope your bbq went on well, Nina. You've probably seen the 1st two over at Dan's forum; the pix are from an external gallery....excuse the hijack....but [i]you asked for it[/i].




p/s...I think your bread photography is just great.

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TeckPoh 2007 July 19

So.......what did you have for lunch, Alex? Do you bring sandwich made from your own scrumptious breads?

nina 2007 July 22

TP, thanks for posting those gorgeous pics *wipes drool off keyboard*

Well, it did start raining in the evening, so no bbq that day. But since then we've been having several(!) days of warm sunny weather, fantastic. Great days for bbq.
Of course, today it's pouring down again.

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