Kneading rolling dough on cold bench


Anyone have ideas on how to warm the bench up before kneading it certainly drops the temp of the dough.

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Skua 2007 July 12

The bench has always room temperature, isn't it? Even if it is made of stone and feels cool like my bench. This means 23 degrees C in my case. Warm enough for the dough. Without owning a controlled proofing cabinet I use this temperature for the final proofing too. It is only a matter of enough time not of quality. At least I hope so.

If you can control a higher temperature for the rest of your proceedings you could simply choose a wooden bench. The amount of stolen warmth would be much smaller then.


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TeckPoh 2007 July 12

Gee, my problem is quite the opposite.

Michael (not you, skua), do you jumpstart your dough with nice and warmer-than-blood water?

Normbake 2007 July 14

Ive been using a thermometer for my water and dough temps but I noticed as soon as I put the dough on the cold bench the temp dropped by about 5 degrees. I solved the problem by using a really hot towel on the bench first.
It pretty cool here but still good for baking bread. Like Nina's spelt and beer bread.

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