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I have always had a passion for producing sourdough but like a lot of skills in the Baking Industry in Australia it is fading quickly.
Commencing in mid August 2007 I will be traveling overseas to fulfil a fellowship awarded by the Internation Specialised Skills Institute.
I can hear the Australian Bakers saying "why travel overseas when we are doing an excellent job already?"Fair comment !!
The award is aimed at allowing Australian tradespeople to obtain key information in areas of skill shortages and pass on this information to key stakeholders and general public on return. It is not my intention just to go around stealing great recipies but to work with people who have a passion for producing outstanding sourdough.
The European leg of my fellowship will commence in England and take in Italy, and hopefully Germany. Then of to the USA and Canada.
I have recieved excellent support from individuals and companies from across the globe of which I am very greatful.
In most countries I will be visiting and working in Bakeries and in others undertaking short courses. I would be very greatful to any of out there if you are able recommend bakeries or Institutions with outstanding reputations in the sourdough field. If you are interested in a more detailed itenary please contact me.

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bethesdabakers 2007 June 12

Hi Steve,

I hope you will be comining to the Bethesdabakin' event in North Wales, 24-27 August.

I've just put the details in the "Events" section.

Best wishes,


Croc 2007 May 9

i'm not sure how this work but if you get a chance to visit poland go for gdansk/gdynia/sopot (tri-city)
some might say i'm biased but i done lots of traveling in my life and there is no bread that even come close to what we have in poland.
sadly due to outside forces you wont find great bread everywhere as it used to be but in tri-city you will find many old bakeries that till today follow old family's recipes/methods and are outstanding compared to anything i ever had in my mouth.

regardless where you go it sounds like bloody fantastic time ahead of you, have fun and make sure to snap lots of phots and post them here plus some interesting recipes.

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