cleaning slightly moldy Banneton


I pruchased Banneton that are lined with canvan. They are used and I see are slightly moldy on the bottom of th canvas. Any suggestions hoe to clean it?
Perhaps just rip out the canvav and use Banneton without?
I'd appreciate any help

Dan Ronay
[email protected]

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TeckPoh 2007 April 26

When the canvas of my banneton got mouldy, I pulled out the stitches and removed the canvas, boiled it in soapy water, gave it a mighty scrub, and sun it. Re-stitched and used.

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carla 2007 April 26

Depends what the banneton is made of, but if it is true one, made from willow canes or the like, then you can use it without canvas. In fact that is how it is used all over Europe!

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Bill44 2007 April 26

I regularly place my cane bannetons in the oven at about 120C for an hour, to dry them out and to sterilise them.

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