Something's fishy about $US1000 New York pizza

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Today in the [url=][b]NZ Herald[/b][/url]:

A New York restaurateur has cooked up the world's most extravagant pizza - a $US1000 ($NZ1466) pie topped with six kinds of caviar and fresh lobster.

Nino Selimaj, who runs six pizza restaurants in the Big Apple, on Wednesday unveiled the Luxury Pizza, a 30cm thin crust topped with caviar, lobster, creme fraiche and chives. Cut into eight, it works out at $US125 a slice.

If diners are still hungry after the Luxury Pizza, they can always head over to nearby restaurant Serendipity, which sells a $US1000 ice-cream sundae called Golden Opulence that is covered in 23-karat edible gold leaf.

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