Fillings for sourdough bread


Today I had cream cheese and tomato on some sd bread that I had made it was very nice.
Any other ideas for some nice fillings for lunch, I do like corn beef and mustard on sour dough.

I have been making my starter with just over half the amount of water to flour, and giving it about 9-10 hours ferment time. I think it gives the bread a much nicer flavour.

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black dog 2007 March 9

Hi Normbake,

i really like the combination of rye sourdough cream cheese and smoked salmon, or for sourdough baguette my favourite has to be serrano ham (or any other dry cured ham for that matter) and sundried/blushed tomatos. The sweetness of the tomato and the deep saltiness of the ham really seems to work well together.

For a spelt or wholemeal sd, i quite like to lightly toast the bread in thick slices, rub it (to your taste) with a clove of garlic. grate a tomato into a bowl, mix with a bit of olive oil, season with saltt and pepper and put a big dollop onto the bread.

Another favourite for any kind of white sd, make up a batch of pesto in a pestle and mortar add more oil than you would normally, wait at least ten mins for the flavours to infuse, cut bread into thick soldiers (strips) and dunk in the pesto and consume untill the pesto reaches the right consistency / you run out of bread / pesto.

black dog

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carla 2007 March 9

[quote="black dog"]
grate a tomato into a bowl, mix with a bit of olive oil, season with saltt and pepper and put a big dollop onto the bread.

Black Dog - how do your "grate" a tomato please

black dog 2007 March 9

I know it sounds a bit strange, but use a cheese grater, on the coarsest side. it is a bit hard to get it started ( to break through the skin initially), it is the same as really finely chopping it but a bit quicker and easier. You can drain some of the water off (leaving the flesh), if you have the tasteless versions of tomatos that we often get in the uk, but it is obviously worth buying decent tomatos to start with. It was taught to me by a spanish friend in university, a good tapas dish.



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Pab 2007 March 10

To grate a tomato - slice tomato in half (discard the seeds or not as you prefer) and grate against a not too fine grater in to a bowl. You should be left with the skin in your hand (and on your hand)!

I have a great recipe for a raw tomato pasta sauce which works well with grating.


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carla 2007 March 10

Thanks you two.
In fact I grate apples like that too: cut in half, remove core and grate until the skin is left over. There is a little bit of skin going into the bowl from the sides but not much and its much faster than peeling the apple first.
So I will try grating tomatoes next

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