Pot baking trial # 2

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Okay, I'm a convert now! Pot baking trial # 2 came out great and I wrote it up on my blog today. Here is a picture of the bread still in the pot:



The Plastic sheet idea worked great Dom, for getting the dough into the pot and it didn't melt. Also whoever I wronged by saying the bread might have come out so good in the pot because it was baked last, I ask your pardon as I was obviously not in the know, the pot works really terrific for getting a super crust, not just because the oven is hot and the bread is proofed great, but because I believe the pot holds an intense heat and steam from the dough, producing as close as you can get in a home oven, what bakeries get everyday! Those of you who are skeptical, get a pot...with a lid..and bake in it!

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carla 2006 December 6

Ah - another interested pot baker at last.
Now will we be able to convince Jeremy or even Bill to try it out??

Only time will tell!

SourDom 2006 December 6


this is what I have done today

200g starter (at 60% hydration = 125g flour, 75g water)
390g water
450g white flour
50g wm flour
10g salt
~4g malt (can be omitted if you haven't had any luck sprouting your barley yet!)

(if your starter is at 100% hydration use 345g water instead)


SourDom 2006 December 6

Teresa - your loaf looks fab - the slash almost looks like a mouth (as if it were about to kiss the baker!)

the bubbly crust looks like you retarded the dough at some stage - did you?


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northwestsourdough 2006 December 7

Thanks Sour People. Dom, I did the usual overnight retard. The interesting thing about the blistered crust on this bread is that I also baked the other two loaves from this batch the same way, they had blisted crusts too but not so pronounced. The only thing I did different on this loaf was that I sprayed the top with water before putting on the lid. I don't know if that did the trick, but I will experiment with that next time to see.

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