Dan Lepard's bread making classes


Hi Folks,

Just wondering for those who attended Dan Lepard's bread making classes in Melbourne, can
you comment on how the class went? Anything worth mentioning about?


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SourDom 2006 February 19


I have a number of photos, which I have emailed to Graham, and hopefully will be in the gallery soon.

There were a few insights into new starters, which I have added into the blog in 'home sourdough' that I have been writing in the last week.

He covered making a new starter from scratch, his sourdough version of pain de campagne ('The Mill Loaf'), and his ultra moist dough for foccacia. Much of what he covered can be found in his book 'The handmade loaf', though it was particularly useful to see his handling of doughs, folding and shaping. I was inspired to go back to his foccacia dough, and will have another go at it during the week.

Many people who go to his class find that the thing they benefit from the most is seeing Dan handle very moist doughs lightly without adding extra flour, using oil for kneading.


SourDom 2006 February 20

I didn't manage to take any photos of Dan's finished loaf on Friday night.

However this is a photo (2 photos actually) of his 'Mill Loaf' that I made the following day and baked on Sunday morning.




doughman 2006 February 20

Hi Dom,

Thanks for the insightful comments. Yes, I saw the photos from the class. Did Dan ever baked any of the breads he made and offered samples around? I don't see a picture of the finished products. Just wondering how his breads tasted? Also, I noticed small containers on the tables. Were those his starters?

By the way your bread looks wonderful!


SourDom 2006 February 20



I didn't do very well with taking photos of the finished breads.
The Mill Loaf that he baked wasn't out of the oven until the end of the Friday class, so we didn't get to taste that one. He had a couple of foccacias that he had made earlier in the day, and we polished those off with some organic red wine after the calss.

This was a picture of the foccacia from his website

The one on Friday looked every bit as good as this, and tasted fabulous. The dough was very light - full of holes, and flavour.

the containers on the table were his starters at different stages


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