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Labour weekend came around and I decided it was time to fill the freezer. These are the sourdoughs; 2x66% rye (J Hammelman - Bread), 4 x white (D Brettschneider - Baker) and one French Country Loaf (M Glezer - Artisan Baking).


The Rye crumb. The dough was sooo wet I had to pour it into the tin. But the crumb was soft and moist. Tasted very nice, but not sure if it was 100% the way it is supposed to be.


The crumb of the white sourdough. This is my standard bake, just levain, white flour, water and sea salt (still working through a bag of Poilane salt my mum gave me).


The crumb of the French Country Loaf, this is just the best bread for soaking up a tasty soup!


Well that was 10 days ago (finding the time to post is always a challenge) and the freezer is still full, but the rye is all gone, it was very popular with the whole family, especially with butter and jam. It's nice to be back in bread again! Hopefully it lasts until I next get the opportunity to bake.


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Jeremy 2006 November 2

Goood show Matthew! If I get another try after this class with JHamelman I want to try his Rye class! I did the same Maggie Glezer recipe for country sour recently, good tasting bread!


SourDom 2006 November 2

Great bake Matthew.

(you must have a big freezer!)

the Country loaf looks great - I'll have to try that this week. (I made the Columbia loaf from the same book in the last week, but it has all gone...)


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TeckPoh 2006 November 29

Matthew, can I piggy-back on your thread for my latest bakes?

Today's bread has mixed flours....wholemeal, granary, barley, plain white. Most of my breads have identity crisis.


The other bread I made this morning is over at The Handmade Loaf thread.

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