Ciabatta with milk?

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After trying to read through some posts in the french forum, I came across a ciabatta recipe which uses milk. Until now I have never heard of milk in ciabatta, so maybe jeremy or some other french speaker (or reader) could enlighten us?

The recipe is [url=][b]here[/b][/url]


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Jeremy 2006 October 7

Carla ma petit!
Yes i have seen it before in some Italian books and I have yet to try it, I am sort of lactic intolerant, though I love cheese, especially goat and sheeps milk! Must be my basque grand mother side of the genes!


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carla 2006 October 7

Ah somebody in Germany has translated the whole recipe for me into German. Now I got to try it!

Could understand the ingreds, but had a bit of a problem with the exact description.

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TeckPoh 2006 October 7

Oh, Carla, the armchair traveller. You've been talking about the french forum, german forums, german forums in polish.......gosh, you do go to some exciting places. But do come back here and talk bread with us. I'm enjoying your current little adventure with rye-less bread.

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bianchifan 2006 October 7

I'm enjoying your current little adventure with rye-less bread.
Hey TP, the lactic ciabatta may be sprinkel with rye!

nothing ryeless

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