Olive bread

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Tonite i am up late and getting my kalamata olive on the move for an early bird bake, I shoudl be thrashed by Friday after doing a few nasty parties, but a little bread baking won't hurt you when inspired!

Tp, Bill, Carla, Carol, I think we should get together in Sydney with Graham for a forum meeting and bake off!?


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SourYumMum 2006 October 3

Sounds good to me, can you bring some of that nice chocolate tart?

If you ever visit our fair shores, Jeremy, I am sure we will all fight over picking you up from the airport!


PS. Kalamata olives in bread ... damn fine.

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Jeremy 2006 October 3


Tp maybe you can put a smiley face on the one with two eyes!

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Jeremy 2006 October 4

Frisky, too bad it isn't my team! I hate the yankees, the mets are my team, even though they haven't been playing well lately!

Thks though, you did a fine job!


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