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I love to bake, but some how I am the worlds worst sourdough bread person, I can make and do make all kinds of bread , with yeast, but when it comes to sourdough ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
But at the back of the fridge downstairs I had this small jar that had some starter in it. Been there a fair long time, several months, still looked OK , smelt OK only a little hooch on the top looked OK.
So I decided to feed it, I did this several times over the next few days, today I made bread, or should say I am making bread. The one thing I did notice when I was lightly kneading the dough into a ball to put it for it first rise, I had mixed in the the mixer. But this dough was soooooo smooth, same flour etc as I use in other bread, but this had the sour starter, strange, ????
Any way it it now in the fridge, divided into two, shaped into two boules, with a glass cover over them for a long slow rise.....
tomorrow will tell all. :-))) but it was very smooth. qahtan

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matthew 2006 September 23

Yep compared to my yeast doughs the sourdough does seem to develop much quicker when mixing and feel smoother and more elastic. Would be interesting to see if yeast doughs using high percentage of preferment behaved in the same way. My assumption has always been that the glutens in the levain have been nicely developed and relaxed by the long fermentation and the acids and that this hastens the development of the final dough and gives it the nice smooth relaxed feel. I guess the relative hydration of the yeast and sourdough doughs would also be an influence.


Normbake 2006 September 24

Very nice bread Q.
Yep I have noticed it also, this morning I made a white dough and made up the levian yesterday about 8,30 am and fed it every 8 hours and its so smooth after I've kneaded it and feels really nice after dusting it with flour.
Cheers Normbake

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