Swiss bake with Claudia!

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When I was on vacation I met a young lady in my sisters village who was her neighbor and baked breads in her home stone oven here is a short video of her shaping breads, assisted by her son and my neice and nephew. I have some photo's I will post to her grinding her grains in a mill and the whole bake!


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Jeremy 2006 September 18

Hi all,
Cheddar! More like some Swiss types Carol
Dom don't worry my nieces and nephew have there own Swiss army knives and they are real careful, as for the oven, Claudia is watching diligently!
She doesn't what you would call it make sourdough, she just holds back a portion of the dough and feeds it to make the next batch and there is yeast in the dough too. She does mill her grains and they include spelt, rye and she uses whole wheat in the dough. Claudia sells her bread at a market locally.

Thanks for remarks, Claudia will be pleased, there village is getting wired for wi-fi so maybe she will be able to see herself on this and my site!


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SourYumMum 2006 September 19

OK, Swiss is good. We like Swiss cheese at our place!

Dom - our lovely paediatrician (who looked after both son #2 AND me during a very traumatic day) had his own son shove his hand into a running juice machine!!! And two years later taught me how to easily get jellybeans out of a small nostril (when he was dealing with someone else's child, he said, "Carol, watch this, you WILL NEED THIS SKILL SOME DAY! And sure enough, about six months later, there I was ....!!) A man of many talents!


(Edit for Dom: Son #1 has just figured out how to undo all the childproof catches on the kitchen cupboards. NO JAR OF PEANUT BUTTER IS SAFE NOW!)

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SourYumMum 2006 September 17

Oh my goodness!!

I suddenly feel like a terrible mother!

10 kilograms of bread AND a toddler in a backpack!

Thanks for the video Jeremy ... it's great to see other folk doing stuff!!


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Jeremy 2006 September 17

Glad you took a look, I have some pics I'm gonna post of her whole process as well! I lent her my sisters copy of Jeffrey Hamelmans book and she showed me her cheese making book, she wants to go and learn how to make cheese in the Appenzell! Tough lady with 3 kids!


SourDom 2006 September 18

That is a serious home oven! (Enough to make even Bill jealous...)

The above link is broken Jeremy, but the other photos and video I found at

That sort of oven would be necessary if you were going to make 10kg of dough. Don't know quite how she manages to keep small hands away from the lethal heat though (I'm a paediatrician and father, so worry about those sort of things)

I presume she wasn't making those breads just for herself Jeremy? Were her loaves sourdough?


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