New bake with Bills feirce Levain!

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I will post this next bake with your levain you sent, I fed the whole refrigerated and starved specimen and when I returned home tonight the bloody thing was escaping like it wanted to go home!
So I am whipping up some pain au levain with the addition of dried blueberries and almonds, I spiked the dough with a equal amount of rye and whole wheat!
The other bread I am making is a Miche from the bakery I worked one summer "Bouley."

Cross your fingers!


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Jeremy 2006 September 15


Blueberry Almond levain, taste good the crumb is a bit tight but I only started munching the end, my schedule has been hectic so I was retarding and baking late last night!


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Jeremy 2006 September 16

Thanks Carol,
It's an interesting taste, not overly sweet and darkens the loaf to a sort of maple syrup amber color,hmmm.could make French toast!
I have been flirting with wetter doughs of late, so this and my other bread were sort of a tighter dense loaf and I was sort of enjoying the open crumb, maybe I will tweek this recipe a bit and see the result, usually this is a straight levain, I just threw in the other stuff for laughs!


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