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Oh the shame of it all, I overproofed todays batch.

The penalty for not following my own established method. I normally mix my batch of three white at 3PM and bulk ferment in the proofing box at 25C until 7PM, and then shape and put them into the fridge. Take them out at 6AM, and warm up for an hour while the oven heats and then bake.

Last night I thought that they were not proofed enough at 7PM so I gave them another hour. This morning when I turned them onto the stone to bake I knew I had overproofed by the way they spread a bit more than usual. Not a massive overproof, but enough for me to notice and to be pretty angry with myself for being so stupid as to not trust a proven method. Following on the heels of my laziness with the rye loaves, I think I'll have to give myself a good talking to.

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Jeremy 2006 September 7

Nyuck, Nyuck, is that ok Bill!?
I missed talking to you while I was away, have you been to seee my site yet, new interviews if I didn't already mention it a million times!


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