Great effort Sourdough folk. Thankyou all.


Hi again one and all,
I'm 'sourpuss'-the natruopath who started this sourdough Barley thread.
I'm absolutely amazed at the efforts you're all making on behalf of my allergic customers. A Big thank you thus far.

I've been doing some further sluthing myself of late and am beginning to think that we may get a better 'rise' if we start from the grains themselves being soaked overnight and using the soaked water as part of the sourdough process itself. This soaking effect releases all sorts of enzymes from the grain anyway as part of the grains natural 'sprouting process'.
The soaked grains could then be 'food processed' into a more finely ground state then used in the sourdough proces itself also.

Why am I thinking this way?
Well I've tried perhaps a dozen different recipes since my journey began a few months ago and ALL were an abject failure even WITh a proving oven, even WITH extra added bacteria cultures brought in from queensland AND different forms of natural sweeteners- Honey molasses, etc, even WITH the freshest biodynamic grains home ground in my own mill so I get THE freshest flour. Nothing has worked AT ALL.
HOWEVER, in retrospect all the efforts sharted one common thread...ALL used the finished flour AND NOT THE SOAKED GRAIN.
My gut says This may be the secret!

Pease all, what are your thoughts?
Again thankyou one and all.

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chembake 2006 August 5

There is a grain of truth that soaking grains can enhance the fermentative process as it will leach out growth factors that is desirable for microbial activity.

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