Bin Shopping.


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Bill44 2006 August 3

Comes with its own stone and peel, the stone is fairly thick and is the size of one of the shelves. This thing does everything but steam or tie your shoelaces.

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Bill44 2006 August 3

RRP $2900.00, 1st shop $2690.00, 2nd shop $2380.00, third shop $2299.00, bought for $2240.00.
Shop around and negotiate.

Normbake 2006 August 4

I thought they might include that in the price.. I meant will the oven fit in the same place or do you have to make the space bigger.

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Jeremy 2006 August 4

Well Bill,
Looks like the retirement years have certain benefits, and as it is arriving on the 10th, I will be flying Europa! Hope you inaugurate it with the big apple starter and one of the formulas in your possesion I sent you!

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Bill44 2006 August 4

Normbake, oven fits in the same hole.

Jeremy, pride of place will go to the NY starter and that Pugliese recipe you sent.

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