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For those who are interested, I buy my organic flours at my local Health Food Shop. The flours are grown, stored and milled by Four Leaf Milling Co at Tarlee, South Australia. They do not have a web site, but their e mail address is [email protected] Perhaps they are obtainable interstate.

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Bill44 2006 July 25

Thanks for the tip Valmai but the healh food store stuff is also labeled "Costatoomucha".

valmai 2006 July 25

I agree re the cost of organic flour, I pay about $10 for a 10 kilo bag of the usual Bakers Flour from our local mill, however when I need Kibbled Rye, Rye flour etc, I buy it from the Health Food shop, in 500 gram bags, larger amounts would go rancid before I could use it.

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