22 Kaiser Rolls

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Well this is my first attempt at Kaiser Rolls and as usual the next time I do them there will be a few fine adjustments, only cosmetic though.
I must say that they taste fantastic.
Considering that these things are all bakers flour, the addition of milk, cream, whole egg and extra egg white, has given these things the softest crumb imaginable without it being the mushy texture of supermarket bread and the eggshell thin crunchy crust is beautiful.
I have already been given orders by SWMBO that I must bake these again as soon as we eat this lot.
I was a bit daunted at "tying the knot" to form the rolls, but as soon as I did the first one I discovered how easy it is, even with my crook hands.


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nina 2006 July 3

Mmmmm, yummy!
They look a lot like the rolls my granny makes - only she makes them with a whole package of yeast and they end up tasting very yeasty
I can only imagine how good yours must taste

Normbake 2006 July 4

Well done Bill, Kaiser Whilhelm would be pleased, I think we should all chip in and send you on a breadmaking tour through France and Germany.

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Bill44 2006 July 6

22 scrumptious rolls! You should share, Bill!

When's your op?
Thanks TP.
The op is considered non urgent elective surgery in other words it's not life threatening, and as such I have been informed that I may have to wait up to 2 years. So much for our great health system.

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SourYumMum 2006 July 6

Hey, here's my uncles bagels! He's new to all this - sent me the photo - I think they look fantastic! I've never tried to make them. And this was his first go. Gives me the irrits!!!


Hope he doesn't take up sourdough!

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Bill44 2006 July 6

Tell him "nice looking bagels" Carol. Don't start making them, bagels with smoked salmon, cream cheese and a few capers, can be very very addictive.

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