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Well I've had my Coq au Vin accompanied by some crunchy bread and all washed down with a bottle of crisp white. Sat and chatted with the cook while the meal settled, gathered up the dishes and then what? A bit of hand holding in front of the TV?
Not bloody likely mate! I knocked back the dough for three loaves of white and shaped them, put them in their bannetons and put them in the fridge, then onto the net to see what was going on in the baking world.

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Jeremy 2006 June 24

Hi Bill,
Doing the same myself actually! I made a rasin sunflower Pumpernickel and it's baking, as well I reduced the size of a baguette recipe from The Red Hen Bakery in Vermont, they look awful (aesthetically) well that's another story and the other loaf of course a Miche from my friend Amy scherber of Amy's bread!
Whew, I will though take a peak at the World Cup and some pre-Tour de France programming laer, sorry!


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