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I started with Dan's cassis currant loaf (THL), then, replaced the water with milk and butter, minus the yeast, added 1 tsp fresh ground nutmeg, 3 tsp sugar. Methinks this is slightly underproved, but it got me wonderful raves...flavourful, soft, moist, yum! The currants/raisins were soaked in Bols Parfait Amour (no cassis in the house).




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TeckPoh 2006 June 5

Tks, Jeremy Shonky. Actually, I didn't dare post this on Dan's site, coz I didn't want him to see me pariah-ing his recipe.

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Bill44 2006 June 5

Hi TP,
You go girl! Dan would be smiling!Jeremy

I'd be smiling too if that was served up to me, top job TP!

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