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Well having more time than cash, and wanting a couple more oval bannetons and three decent boule bannetons instead of the cheap baskets that I have been using for my boules, I decided to make my own.
Well first, finding suitable cane was a time consuming exercise but I did managed to find some, was told that there was 60 metres per kilo but it turns out there was only 40 metres per kilo.
Spent about 4 hours making a timber mould for the oval ones, and in total about 8 hours making the bloody bannetons. Let me tell you, it was a steep learning curve, and I just hope the round ones are a bit easier. I won't be making a mould for them, I'll try my luck freehand.

Well here's some pics. The genuine article from Graham's Store is on the right, and having been through the excercise of making them let me tell you that the ones from Graham are good value.



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TeckPoh 2006 June 4

Wow! You did it again! They look wonderful to me...and it's only your first try. Who knows what perfection you can achieve given time?

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Jeremy 2006 June 4

You've got that magic touch, or too much time on your hands! Kidding of course Could you make a couronne shaped basket I wonder?
I should get my wife to import your baskets!(She just started an import & export business !)


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Bill44 2006 July 5

Matthew. they performed just as good as the bought one. Having gone through the process of making them, I repeat what I said earlier, the bought ones from Graham are good value.
Unless you have a bandsaw with a tilt table, a table saw, planes, spokeshaves, and a variety of other tools, a suitable piece of timber and a spare 6 hours, you will find it difficult to make the mould to start with. Then you will need to source a supply of cane, which even buying in bulk cost me 1/3 the price of each banneton. Then you will need an air powered nail gun which can drive very fine pins, a heat gun for working the cane, a lot of patience and a good supply of swear words, and about 4 hours per banneton. Then you have to start all over again if you want some round ones, they were a bit easier, 4 hours for the mould and about 3 hours each to make.

Like I said the ones from Graham are good value, Teresa has made one of her own and agrees with me. If I hadn't payed the money for the cane I would have given up after the first one.

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Graham 2006 July 6

Bill they do look amazing! Plus you would probably have a personal connection with every curve and ripple in the final loaf. I will come to see you when OS freight costs increase and drive up the price of everything imported .


Phil Read 2008 November 28
I notice you used a heatgun for bending. I've watched basketmakers working and recollect they soak the cane in water to make bending EASY!

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